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Will mortgage lenders turn me away for past/delinquent payments, but score is excellent at 762?

by Christine Muehlbauer (Las Vegas/NV/U.S.) My credit score is currently 762/Excellent. Although a biggie, my only default is from two years ago which was a delinquency on my mortgage and it was past 120 days of payment. This was due

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Building credit: secured or conventional credit card?

by Patricia What’s best for building credit? I have one conventional low-limit credit card (Capital 1, $750 limit), and my credit score has stagnated at 664. I’m considering applying for another credit card. Would it be better to put 3K-5K

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2013 consumer credit and debt statistics

This page contains newly released 2013 information on credit card debt, credit card delinquencies, credit card interest rates, debit cards, prepaid cards, bankruptcies and more. The average credit card debt per U.S. adult (excluding zero-balance and store credit cards) is

Should I get rid of my lower limit credit cards?

by Brendy I have 2 high-limit credit cards (8k City & 6k BOA) along with a few low-limit older cards. I just got another 7k limit increase on my Discover CC, which more than covers my lower-limit CC combined. So

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