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Will mortgage lenders turn me away for past/delinquent payments, but score is excellent at 762?

by Christine Muehlbauer (Las Vegas/NV/U.S.) My credit score is currently 762/Excellent. Although a biggie, my only default is from two years ago which was a delinquency on my mortgage and it was past 120 days of payment. This was due

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Can prepaying student loans help credit score?

by Nigel I’m looking into buying a car, and would like to raise my credit score so that I can get better terms. I’m able to prepay my student loans, but does it worth it? If I do, will it

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How can I fix a 5 Yr old credit card default?

by Richard I have an account that I opened 5 yrs ago (when I was 18) and I defaulted on. When it was send to collection it had a balance of ~$1700. I’m considering applying for a car loan and

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Building credit: secured or conventional credit card?

by Patricia What’s best for building credit? I have one conventional low-limit credit card (Capital 1, $750 limit), and my credit score has stagnated at 664. I’m considering applying for another credit card. Would it be better to put 3K-5K

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