Can disputed items re-appear on my report?

by Archie
I’m trying to fix my credit, so I followed a friend’s advice and disputed two charge-offs I had on my report. The two items fell off my report about a month after my dispute, but yesterday I’ve checked my report and noticed that one of them has popped up again.

Can the credit bureaus do that?


by: Tracy
Not only these defaulted accounts CAN re appear, it is very likely that they WILL!

Disputing accurate information is a complete waste of time. When you send your dispute to the credit bureau, they contact the creditor and verify the debt with him. If the creditor fails to respond within 30 days, it is considered as un-verified debt and the credit bureaus must remove it from your report. This is as per the FACT Act.

However, when the creditor subsequently responds and verifies the account, the credit bureaus put it back on your report.

Even if the creditor doesn’t respond, he may simply report the same debt again, or sell it to a collection agency. Either way – the account re appears up on your report.

Correctly reported derogatory information cannot be legally removed from your credit report.

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