Which credit bureau is more accurate?

by Salvatore
I know that I have three different scores from each of the 3 major credit bureaus, but which is more accurate? Which has my highest score and how do I tell creditors which to use? Thank you.
They are all accurate

by: Tracy
All 3 major credit bureaus are accurate. The reason that you have different scores from each bureau is because they all keep separate database, and they do not share information between themselves.

Credit scores are a snapshot of your actual credit reports. Not all creditors report to all three credit bureaus, nor do they necessarily do it at the same time.

Say that you have a store credit card, and the store wants to save money so it reports to only one credit bureau rather than all three. That means that your credit reports with all three bureaus are not equal, and so does your credit score. In fact, it’s normal for your score to be different at each credit bureau. There is no such thing as one being more accurate (See understanding-fico-scores.html for more information.

You don’t tell your creditors which score to use. Large creditors check all three, while smaller ones simply use the bureau they have contract with.

Hope this clarify things for you.

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