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Secrets of FICO Score High Achievers

FICO Score High Achievers
According to recent data released by, More than 50 million people (that’s 25% of the population!) have the bragging rights of being a FICO “High Achiever” (a FICO® Score of 785 and above) which can save them thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a loan.

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Cash or Credit?

Cash or Credit?
As recently published in the New York Times, a significant number of Americans are making a “Cash Only” pledge because of the increasing number of debit & credit card breaches at major retailers. A hint for what’s yet to come perhaps?

While voting cash over plastic may seem...Read More »

Compare your credit habits to those of FICO high achievers

FICO high achievers
A credit score of +800 is within your reach! Learn how to improve your credit score from the 40 Million Fico “High Achievers”.

A recent study compared credit habits of 40 Million consumers with credit score above 800 to the rest of the population. As clearly visible from the...Read More »

Tenant Screening Services & Rental History Reports

Tenant Screening Services & Rental History Reports
I get a lot of questions about tenant screening services, rental history reports, tenant reports & particularly about SafeRent. As it turns out, many people see a SafeRent credit inquiry in their credit report and don’t know what it’s about.

CoreLogic SafeRent is the largest tenant screening services provider in...Read More »