Credit Report & Score Guide

Credit Report & Score GuideYour credit report (and your credit score) is by far the single most essential document in your financial life! Getting to know everything about it is absolutely crucial and can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

This site offers the best free online guide on credit reports and scores. Unlike all other sites that try to sell you services such as paid reports, credit monitoring and credit counseling, this site sells nothing! It focuses on delivering you a comprehensive source of information on anything related to Credit Report, Credit Score and Free Annual Credit Report, all for free! No pitching, no selling, no solicitation… Guarantied!

Why is it so important?
Because a good credit score means lower interest rates, lower monthly payments and thousands of dollars in savings on interest payments! Just how much? Look at the table!
The difference in APR may not seem much, but when translated to dollars – it’s BIG Money!

Say, for example that you have a mortgage with a principal amount of $100,000 and your credit score is 675. If you improve your credit score by a mare 25 points you can save ~ $4,000 on excess interest payments alone!

Credit Score APR Monthly Payment Total Interest Paid
760-850 3.251 % $435 $56,600
700-759 3.473 % $447 $60,920
680-699 3.65 % $457 $64,520
660-679 3.864 % $469 $68,840
640-659 4.294 % $494 $77,840
620-639 4.84 % $527 $89,720
Based on National Interest Rates for a 30-Years-Fixed home loan, as of 4/1/2016

If your credit score is not so good, say 630 – then you are paying around $30,000 more than what you would with a score of 700! And the differences balloon to hundreds of thousands of dollars if your score is lower!

Needless to mention that the same applies to your auto loan, credit cards, insurance and more.

Still need a reason to check your Credit Report?
According to a study released by the US PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) in June 2004 – up to 79% of the consumer credit reports surveyed contained some kind of error or mistake.

Your credit score is based on your credit report. Any incorrect information can reduce your credit score, costing you thousands of dollars.

Side Note: A credit report is often the first place people detect identity theft and credit fraud.

So get your gear going, explore this free credit reports and scores guide, and take control over your financials!