Credit Report Scams

Credit Report ScamsEveryday consumers fall to credit report scams that either try to steal their information, falsely sign them for credit checks or simply sell them a free government sponsored service for a fee.

Craigslist Credit Report Scams
Numerous spammers and identity thieves use Craigslist to either steal information from victims or falsely sign them for a credit check. These scams are known as the fake jobs scams or fake apartment’s scams.

The scammers publish ads that promise great jobs or tempting apartments. The jobs are usually for a well known company or even a government organization – however the jobs are fake, and so are the apartments.

The ads are posted on websites such as craigslist, but not limited to craigslist. It could be any site where people are looking for jobs or apartments.

People who respond to these ads receive a reply from the person who posted the fake job/apartment ad that they need to pass a credit check, and are requested to click on the link provided & purchase a credit report as requested.

After signing up for the credit site, the next email would say: “sorry, the job is filled” or “apartment is already taken”.

The criminals/scammers benefit from this scam in two different ways:

  1. They are receiving a commission (thru the affiliate link people clicked) for a credit check that was not necessary.
  2. They may use the information on the credit report that victims sent them to try and get credit in the victim’s name (See Identity Theft).

How to recognize credit report scams?
Companies never ask people to send them a copy of their credit report or to pay for a credit check. Any company or apartment renting agency that runs credit check has an account with one, two or all 3 major credit bureaus and pulls credit reports and scores directly from them.

How to avoid credit report scams?
If you see a job from a reputable company on Craigslist or other similar websites, go to that company’s official website and look for their careers/employment page. Any REAL position offer should appear there, along with a link with more info and application instructions.

If you ever apply for a job and someone asks you to provide more personal info or to purchase something such as a credit report – be suspicious and check it out. Call them and ask to speak to their human resources department.

The same can be done in case of apartment application, by looking up the contact details of the renting agency from their official website and calling them.

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