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Free Fico Credit ScoreLooking for your free fico credit score but keep hitting a dead end?

No Wonder. I’m always surprised again at the number of people that confuse between “credit report” to “credit score“.

According to the FACT Act that was put in place to regulate the credit reporting industry, you are entitled to a free copy or your credit report annually. Unfortunately, this does NOT include a free credit score. You are entitles to get your credit score upon request – but this service is not free. Many companies offer paid credit scores or credit score monitoring services to customers, including each of the three major credit bureaus.

Free Credit Scores Watch-Outs
If you Google “free credit score” you will get many results with companies that offer customers “free” credit scores and credit monitoring services. Don’t fall for them. Credit scores are never free.

First – the scores these sites offer aren’t real FICO scores. They are called FAKKO Scores, they can be as much as 100 points off your FICO score and are therefore practically useless.

Second – you won’t be able to get a free score, not even while the 7 days trial period lasts without first providing them your credit card. You will then be charged for services you didn’t even know you ordered, just because you’ve accidently clicked on a link in their website. Not to mention that the “free” service automatically converts to a $15 – $25 reoccurring one.

So Can I Get a Free Fico Credit Score?
The answer is – yes. There are services that offer absolutely free credit score. They are listed below. You should know that the FICO scores these services provide are not the same scores that your lenders and creditors see.

With that in mind – fill free to take advantage of these free offers to get a general overview about your credit score, to track your credit building or credit fixing progress, and for educational purposes.

Credit Karma
Free Fico Credit Score From Credit KarmaCredit Karma is a popular place to get free fico credit score without your credit card. In fact, there’s no trial period and you can get a free credit score every six months!

The free score comes from TransUnion, one of the 3 major credit bureaus. Credit Karma provides much more than free scores. Members (everyone can join, it’s free & there are no fees or trial periods) also receive a free credit score monitoring service, and access to a pretty good credit score simulator that allows you to check the effects of your financial moves on your FICO score before you make them.

Although the score they give is not a “Real” FICO, it is within 50 points from it and very correlated.

Credit Sesame
Free Fico Credit Score From Credit SesameCredit Sesame is another service that offer consumers free credit scores without a credit card.

The free score comes from Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus. Credit Sesame also offers free tools to help consumers build their credit and provides its users a badge to showcase their credit profile.

Free Fico Credit Score From QuizzleQuizzle
Quizzle offer its subscribers free credit scores in addition to other paid services.
The free score they provide is NOT Fico. Instead, they use the CE score, provided by CE Analytics, ranging from 350 to 850.

FICO Score Estimator
Fico score estimator from provides users with a free FICO score estimator. You need to manually enter some information from your credit report, and in return you get your score range. It’s not too accurate but good enough to get a feeling of where your score is for free.

We proudly provide you the same FICO Score Estimator from

Banks & Credit Card Companies
Many banks and Credit Card Companies are giving free credit scores to their customers. Many are including free tools such as simulators, estimators, monitoring services and fraud alerts. As each financial institution has its own sources and set of rules, you will have to inquire with your Bank or Credit Card Company.

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